To all y’all who are incoming “fresh meat”

My freshman year has taught me a lot about ways to be successful, in and out of the classroom. I will keep it short and sweet , because I know your attention span (most of you ) is about 8 seconds, and no that’s not a fact. I just know from experience. I think that socially, the best thing you can do is join as many clubs/sports as you can. Most of my friends have played a sport with me, or can have conversations about sports or a common interest. When you are on a team with someone, doesn’t matter if it’s a sports team, or an academic club, or just a club club, you get close with those people and you become really good friends. DON’T BE PRESSURED TO DO DRUGS AND/OR DO ANYTHING YOU DON’T WANT TO DO! SAY NO!!

If you listen to what I’m about to say to you, you will always be successful. **When the teacher gives you an assignment on Monday, and it is due Friday ,and you have no other homework to do, get that stupid assignment done. ** The two things that will kill you is procrastination and  lack of time management. I personally recommend using the agenda they give you and writing your assignment in it. Number/rank the assignments from most important to least important and get them done according to that list. Do a little bit a day so you don’t feel like you are going to die or become really stressed out. Cross them off when you are done, and at the end of the week, if there’s nothing left, take a break from school and watch some Netflix or something. Don’t kill yourself while trying to rush an assignment the period before because, yes, that is very stressful. It is okay to be confused, it is okay to ask questions, and it is okay to work with a friend, as long as you are both doing the work. Last tip I have, get a notebook and a folder for each class, don’t use separate pieces of paper, keep everything together and organized. Good luck, if you need help, find me. Please take showers and wear deodorant.





I’m the stepping stones you use to get from point A to point B.

You walk all over me and it doesn’t bother you in the slightest.

You step on me without consideration.

You step without knowing the damage you cause.

You step and watch my cracked pieces fall off.

Step. Step. Step.

You’re using me to get where you want to be.

Step. Step. Break.

I’m no longer in use for the likes of you.

You realize I’m the only way to get from A to B.What will you do?

Wish. Wish. Wish.

You wish you can use me again.

But think. Think. Think about how I will never let you

step, step, step on me again.


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Commenting Game!!


This blog post talks about self harming. I really liked it because it gave the perspective of the person self harming. It lets the people who have no idea what it’s like to self harm, know what the person is going through and how they feel( though not everyone is the same, it’s a general idea).

A Poem:Books

This poem is about books. I really enjoyed it and I chose to comment on it because it’s letting the reader know that it’s  okay to be your own person and that message is so so so important to spread.

A Poem

This poem is about looking for the good in the bad. I really enjoyed this poem because it made my day better just by reading it. It gave me a sense of hope for the bad days .

Disney World

This is a picture of two of my friends, Amari and Kyra( pronounce KEY-RAH). I chose to comment on the picture because they looked like they were enjoying Disney World . They just looked genuinely happy .

Sadness is a Thief

This post is about sadness stealing all the good things about life. I really enjoy how the author kind of personifies sadness. I also think sadness is a thief.

Female Athletes and ACL Injuries

The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), is a ligament that prevents forward (anterior) movement of the tibia off of the femur, as well as hyperextension of the knee (a straightening movement that goes beyond the normal range of motion in the joint). This ligament is important to males and females in and out of sports. Without your ACL, you constantly walk and feel unstable. Sometimes, tearing your ACL can be career defining, it has benched many athletes. But, female athletes are 1.5 to 2 times more likely than their male counterparts to injure their ACL.

Females have a higher chance of injuring their ACLs due to higher estrogen levels, along with less muscle mass and more body fat. Women have greater flexibility (due to looser ligaments) and less powerful muscles. This gives more room for the ligament to move and a greater chance of tearing . In women, there is a narrower space in the knee for the ACL to travel through. This combined with the ligament moving, is essentially death for the ligament. Females have wider hips than men by nature(Q-Angle) . This alters the alignment of the knee and ankle. Anyone of these things could tear your ACL, but all of them could cause you to get ACL surgery and 6-9 months of rehab.

An ACL injury, or any long-term injury can cause an athlete to become depressed. According to NCAA, symptoms of post-injury depression are sadness, isolation, irritation, lack of motivation, anger, frustration, changes in appetite, sleep disturbance, and disengagement. It is very important to be there for an injured athlete, especially for females. During puberty, girls experience a exponential drop in confidence that can make them depressed and an added ACL injury could lead to severe depression.  If you, or anyone you know have had an ACL injury, or any sport injury, please contact the suicide hotline Call 1-800-273-8255, or if you are feeling down or if you ever need to talk, don’t hesitate to call!

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Puerto Rican Culture

The Puerto Rican culture is a combination of Taino, African, Spanish cultures. All of these cultures have influences in the Puerto Rican culture from the rich cuisine to festivals held there.

FOOD.FOOD.FOOD. Food is one of the most important aspects of Puerto Rican culture. One of my personal favorite Puerto Rican dish is Empanadas . Empanadas can be filled with whatever you’d like. The most common filling is cheese or meats. They can be fried or baked, though frying is the most common way. Another Puerto Rican dish is arroz con pollo which is translated to simply, chicken with rice. Though chicken and rice is very common throughout hispanic cultures, the Puerto Rican way is very unique is taste. Many people who eat this dish, can differentiate between Puerto Rican arroz con pollo from other cultures arroz con pollo.

Arroz Con Pollo
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Festivals in the Puerto Rican culture are culture defining. Festivals are a way for the people to connect with each other through celebrations. They have festivals for sports events, especially for baseball. These festivals are usually in November ( which is about when season starts). Communities across the country gather around to enjoy these festivals and have pride in their culture. I’m proud of my Puerto Rican culture and you should be proud of your culture!


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Women’s rights

For the longest time, women were not equal to men. In 1918, women were finally granted the right to vote. This issue is so important that, people ask how the presidents of the United States will go about this problem. There are many conflicts with women’s rights. For example, the topic about abortion is discussed at the national level. According to New States Men, many people decided that they wouldn’t vote for Trump because they were pro-choice. All these conflicts create tensions in the country . The debate about women’s rights is not easily fought. There are issues about the gender wage gap , which is the difference between the average of what men and women are paid. If you want to learn more about this as well as feminism visit my good friend Iqra’s blog. Her link will be in the comments.

How To Comment

You may ask what a GOOD comment is and I’m here to tell you! Commenting isn’t hard when you know what needs to go into it. Here are some commenting 101 basics:

  • Have 2-3 sentences giving a positive about what you had just watched, read, or viewed.

-Make sure that your grammar and spelling are correct.

  • You also want to make sure that your comment isn’t just a comment that needs to be turned in, but a comment that let’s the author know you’ve read what they have posted.
  • You are allowed to ask questions
  • To conclude, politely tell the author to check out you blog.


EXAMPLE OF A GOOD COMMENT: Hey Ashley, My favorite basketball team is the Warriors too! How do you feel about KD joining the team? Check out my bog

A BAD COMMENT: Sup, warriors r radical.


When people first take a glance at me I can see that their only interest was the fact that I am electronic. They take a seat right in front of me and start to swipe through my pages like I was a game.  I stare at them disappointed that they don’t see me as a piece of art. They swipe through me for awhile until they get bored of my complexity. They don’t understand my patterns or why I have them. They don’t realize the work that was put into me. All the hard work turned to nothing the moment it turned to technology.


No Picture Shown: By Lolita Georgia