Puerto Rican Culture

The Puerto Rican culture is a combination of Taino, African, Spanish cultures. All of these cultures have influences in the Puerto Rican culture from the rich cuisine to festivals held there.

FOOD.FOOD.FOOD. Food is one of the most important aspects of Puerto Rican culture. One of my personal favorite Puerto Rican dish is Empanadas . Empanadas can be filled with whatever you’d like. The most common filling is cheese or meats. They can be fried or baked, though frying is the most common way. Another Puerto Rican dish is arroz con pollo which is translated to simply, chicken with rice. Though chicken and rice is very common throughout hispanic cultures, the Puerto Rican way is very unique is taste. Many people who eat this dish, can differentiate between Puerto Rican arroz con pollo from other cultures arroz con pollo.

Arroz Con Pollo
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Festivals in the Puerto Rican culture are culture defining. Festivals are a way for the people to connect with each other through celebrations. They have festivals for sports events, especially for baseball. These festivals are usually in November ( which is about when season starts). Communities across the country gather around to enjoy these festivals and have pride in their culture. I’m proud of my Puerto Rican culture and you should be proud of your culture!


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2 thoughts on “Puerto Rican Culture

  1. Hi Casey! Puerto Rican culture seems so good! I relate to you about the whole food thing. I think a lot of cultures are known for their food and praised for it. I’m glad you are not ashamed of your culture!

  2. I have always admired Puerto Ricans, I think it’s mainly because of their spanish accent which I am so fond of. I’m not shocked at what I read; I think I’m fairly familiar with this culture. Still, it made me quite happy to see the similarities between my culture and your culture. Empanadas and arroz con pollo are delicious! The visuals you added must also have been really helpful to those who hadn’t had the fortune of trying those foods.:) Check my blog out if you’d like. http://juditramos.edublogs.org/

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